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16:9   4k  |  Retina  |  HD
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16:9   4k  |  Retina  |  HD
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16:9   4k  |  Retina  |  HD
16:10   Retina  |  HD 

16:9   4k  |  Retina  |  HD
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16:9   4k  |  Retina  |  HD
16:10   Retina  |  HD





Anna Sentina: Psycho - Muse (Bass Cover) Using the BOSS BB-1X

The talented Anna Sentina stopped by Bassics for another fun play-through with audio recorded by our very own engineer, Sebastian Rizo! The video features the BB-1X Bass Driver pedal by BOSS to get the distorted bass sound.

Bass: Kiesel Guitars Icon
Pedal: BOSS BB-1X
Fretwrap: Gruv Gear
Strings: Pure Blues by DR Strings.

Acacia Guitars: Studio Jams - Pro Series

Bassics' very own Sebastian RIzo doing a play-through for Acacia Guitars! The video features Acacia's Romulus 6 Pro with a Matte Teal finish and a Hades Pro 6 with a matte Black finish.

Music written and performed by Sebastian Rizo and Scott Lienhard.

Anna Sentina: Let's Work - Prince (Bass Cover)

TIme to get funky. Amazing bassist Anna Sentina came in to Bassics for a fun play-through. Audio recorded by our very own engineer, Sebastian Rizo.