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First time booking at Bassics?

No problemo, below are the questions we get asked the most and the answers you'll need to help you prepare for your session.

If you've got a question that isn't addressed here, feel free to contact us at or use the contact form on this page.

Once you're ready, book a session!

We always prefer to handle this part over the phone but if that doesn't suit your schedule you can always shoot us an email. Just make sure to at least include your project's:

• Budget
• Timeline
• Number of Tracks

You'll be hearing from us soon!


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About Booking

What are your rates?

We offer hourly, daily, and project rates. Please call or email us for details or better yet, come by for a studio tour!

Do I need a deposit to book time?

Yes, please contact us for booking information.

What is your cancellation policy?

After time and dates are confirmed with a deposit we require 14 days notice to release days without penalty. Within 14 days there will be a loss of the deposit.

Understand that canceling can make things very problematic for us. We tend to book up quickly and want to make sure all of our clients have an opportunity to work with us in a timely fashion. In short - be sure about your commitment!

Do you work weekends?

Yes we do! We offer a special weekend lock out deal, Friday through Sunday night. Please contact us for booking.

Studio Prep

How should I prepare for my session?

Practice as much as possible and know your songs. This includes:

• Practicing with a metronome or click track
• Practicing riffs & phrases within your composition at different starting points
• Knowing your composition without aid

Can the whole band play/be recorded live in the studio?

Is it possible? Yes
Is it recommended? No 

If you insist on going this route then we recommend at least bringing scratch tracks or having your guitarist lay down a proper scratch track (to a click track) with our engineer prior to the session.

What should I bring to my session?

Guitarists & Bassists
We recommend a pack of strings (per instrument) for every three songs.

New drum heads
Please install the heads 48 hours prior so they can adjust to the drum

Make sure to bring a document with each of the following for each composition:

• Lyrics
• Tempo
• Key

And Please Contact Us about the gear you have before bringing a trailer's worth to the studio. Bassics is equipped with plenty of recording-quality equipment already - we're here to help lighten the load as much as possible!

Can the band come in early to setup?

The short answer - No, unless it's for drums

When there's a long session ahead, it's a good idea to set the kit up and determine mic placement beforehand so as not to waste anybody's time.


What is Re-amping?

Re-amping is the act of capturing and modifying tone after your performance has been recorded and edited.

The idea here is to record the raw signal from your guitar or bass so that we can make the best of your time and focus on nailing the performance.

After your tracks are edited that raw DI signal is then sent through our high end tube amplifiers & speaker cabs which is then captured with microphones & analog preamps.

This process affords your engineer the ability to tweak and fine tune tone, settings, mic placement, & gain stage so that we can guarantee we're getting the best sound.

What is Quantizing/Is it necessary?

No human can play in perfect time, it's just a simple fact of life. In a nutshell, Quantizing is a term that describes the act of correcting a performance so that it is in perfect time.

There's a school of thought that argues that Quantization can potentially strip a performance of what makes it human.

We politely disagree...for the most part. To be honest everything is contextual. Trust the engineer - it's their job to get the best out of you!