Bassics Studio

Back to Bassics Studio, or as we affectionately refer to it - Bassics, is a dynamic San Diego-based recording studio owned and operated by a musician and an audio engineer both with a lifelong passion for music & technology.

The studio features a live room filled with a smorgasbord of mics (new and old) as well as some beautiful custom-made instruments just in case you feel like experimenting with different sounds and tones. Take a look at our Gear List for the full rundown. 

Along with the studio we offer our audio engineer, Sebastian. He’s sort of like human secret sauce (gross right?) Sebastian has produced, written for, and performed on over 250 albums, EPs, & singles over the last 8 years. We’ve got plenty of Samples for you to sift through and confirm his skills in all their glory.


Sometimes you just have to

hear it




We specialize in recording live performances - instruments of any kind, vocals (single or group), and any crazy sounds our clients might think up. Oh and if you think you might need a session guitarist our resident audio engineer happens to be sponsored by Acacia Guitars, so we've got you covered.

Voice Over

Those golden pipes come in all shapes and sizes and we know that not everyone uses them to sing. Whether you're looking to give David Attenborough a run for his money or just lay down a quickie for a radio spot we're equipped to make your vocal chords sound svelte.




This happens to be one of our engineer's favorite things to do. Actually while we're on the topic I should probably mention that he's fresh off composing for a TV show. Get him while he's hawt.


You ever catch yourself eating a panini and wondering what it would sound like if Optimus Prime ate a panini? No? Just us? Well that's ok because this is precisely what Foley Artists are for and I assure you, we will find the answer to this question.

Sound Design

You know what they say - sound is 50% of the movie. Maybe even 80% depending on who you ask. We're the 80 to your 20 - it's like a perfectly mathematical love story. Take that, Nicholas Sparks.



Mixing is the other half of the Recording & Tracking process. Our attention to detail in this area is something we pride ourselves on. Seriously, we lose sleep over decisions in this stage.


Mastering is the final and most illusive part of the production process. Lucky for you, one of us went to school for this stuff. We'll wrap your work up using all sorts of confusing industry standards - but try not to stress, all you need to understand is that'll it'll sound great when we're done.